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Dr. Israel Puterman

a passion for teaching

Dr. Matthew J. Fien and Dr.Israel Puterman are remarkable clinicians known for their exceptional skills and expertise. Both share a passion for helping dentists elevate their surgical skills to new heights. Their approach emphasizes mastering the fundamentals and then pushing boundaries, enabling clinicians to expand their service offerings with unwavering confidence.

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Dr. Fien and Dr. Puterman have earned an excellent reputation for bringing their expertise first to Instagram and then into the classroom.  Their clever and witty commentary creates a lively and welcoming learning environment. Participants can anticipate a delightful mixture of knowledge, entertainment, and an all-around amazing learning experience. This powerful pair knows how to make education enjoyable and unforgettable.

Dr. Matthew J. Fien
Dr. Israel Puterman

expertise, personalized

Dr. Fien and Dr. Puterman are sought-after speakers, delivering captivating educational lectures and hands-on workshops at prestigious conferences. Recent appearances include the esteemed Academy of Osseointegration. Surgical Influence has further expanded its curriculum to provide a specialized continuum tailored for private organizations. Contact us today for more information or to schedule Surgical Influence for your upcoming event.

Previous Audiences

Academy of Osseointegration

Osteogenics Symposium

Florida Association of Periodontics

Maine Dental Association

American Academy
of Periodontology

Western Society
of Periodontology

Pikos Symposium

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